Thursday, December 16, 2010

reading goals for 2011

I look forward to the reading challenges that I've signed up for, however as much as I would love to join a bazillion of them I don't have the time and there's plenty of books that I want to read, especially from my massive TBR pile.  I think I will have to share pictures of my bookshelves at some point.

A few areas that I want to focus on next year are, in no particular order:

Creating a list of classics that I really want to sink my teeth into.  Somewhere between 10-20 books so I don't completely overwhelm myself.  I've never read Jane Eyre nor anything by Jane Austen (don't shoot!) and I would like to finally rectify that. 

The Wheel of Time series in it's entirety as well as Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books. If at all possible I would love to tackle the Pern novels as well as the Shannara series.  I might have read a book here or there but it's been so long, a restart is certainly in order.  Will have to see!

I'm a big fan of Charles de Lint but haven't read his books in a while. I would like to read his Newford books in order and I definitely would love to re-read Moonheart.  I have always wanted a set of Weirdin!

There are certainly other things I would like to read.  It's my goal to become more aware of politics and current events and I've been wanting to subscribe to magazines dealing with these things but may have to settle for websites since they are free and I might want to put money toward other things.  I also want to explore history in more depth though I am not sure what era I would like to focus my energies on.

Well that is it thus far.  Winter break begins next week and I plan on fleshing out my goals then.

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  1. I've got some reading goals too ... that I've had since early 2010, written here in honor of this!