Tuesday, December 14, 2010

and so it begins

I've been reading a number of book blogs over the last year (see side bar for some of my favorites) and it got me thinking about keeping one of my own.  However, since I tend to put things off because "if it's not going to be well thought out and perfect, it will just be a piece of crap", I've waited until now to jump in. 

If I have one New Year's resolution for 2011 it is to just simply do and be and not think too much about perfection.  Just get my thoughts out there, come what may. That being said, I've just signed up for my very first read-along.  War and Peace.  Yikes a pretty bold choice for a first time read-alonger.  I think I am up to the challenge and  the gal hosting it is faboo.  Check out the challenge and her blog.  I find her quest to read 250 classics inspiring.  :)

War and Peace read-along...come commiserate with us ;)


  1. Congratulations on your blog! Good for you! I'm looking forward to checking our your blog. I think I'll join you for a read-along for something less intense later on. :-) I hope you enjoy; I hear it's a good idea to keep a chart of the names handy, patronymics and all that for the book.

  2. I think you should blog just for you; starting a book blog is fun. Think of it as a personal journal for your reading! I'm going to add to your follower list!